Motivational Speaker

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DeeDee has found great passion and purpose in sharing her life experiences through motivational speaking. DeeDee’s fun, energetic and charismatic speaking style keeps even the youngest of audiences engaged. DeeDee believes strongly that part of her purpose and calling in life is to use her story to inspire, motivate and help people of all ages to believe in themselves, never give up and go for their dreams. This message, along with many heartfelt examples of how one can overcome and persevere in the face of adversity, leaves her audiences uplifted and encouraged. In addition to motivating the youth to be their very best, DeeDee also finds that her adult audiences relate deeply to her message and come away awaked, driven, moved and compelled to break down the barriers of life. DeeDee has been sharing her motivational message  all over the world as the keynote speaker for corporations and various other groups.  Now retired from track and filed, she is in hot pursuit of this deep seated passion in her life after track, ultimately making the stage her new podium!

Bali • Hong Kong • Seoul • Athens •  Zurich • London • Barcelona • Beijing • Rio De Janeiro