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IMG_4012In order to accomplish a goal or a dream, a person must make sacrifices.

Some sacrifices may be great, and some may not be so difficult. However, regardless of the magnitude, when one sacrifices with a pure and humble heart, he or she will move closer to accomplishing his or her goals.

To make my 3rd Olympic team, I knew that I would have to combine hard work with many sacrifices if I really wanted to reach my goals. For example, I sacrificed my time by devoting as much time as I could to things that were only beneficial to obtaining my goals. There were many times when I just wanted to hang out with my friends on Saturday night or take a trip. However, at the time, I knew that these things, as small as they seemed, would take time away from preparing for and focusing on my goal of being on the Olympic team.

I also had to sacrifice my comfort and every dollar in my account. I had to leave my house in Knoxville and move to a 560-square-foot apartment in Orlando so that I could train with my coach. I humble myself to tell you this because when the expenses became more than I could handle, I questioned if I would be able to continue towards my goal. It was then that I realized difficult times can make us into doubters. We have to possess courage, faith and trust in order to see our way through. It was my faith in God that gave me the confidence and conformation that I would be okay.

So today, I encourage you to not be afraid. I encourage you to not be hesitant and to make the sacrifices that you need to make in order to reach your dreams and goals. Your sacrifices will surely reap great rewards.

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