I Can. I Must. I Will!

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DeeDee has found great passion and purpose in sharing her life experiences through motivational speaking. DeeDee has an extremely fun, energetic and charismatic speaking style that keeps even the youngest of audiences engaged. DeeDee believes strongly that part of her purpose in life is to use her story to inspire, motivate and help people of all ages to believe in themselves, never give up, and go for their dreams. This message along with many heartfelt examples of how one can overcome and persevere in the face of adversity, leaves her audiences uplifted and encouraged. In addition to motivating the youth to be their very best, her adult audiences relate deeply to her message and come away awaked, driven, moved and compelled to break down the barriers of life.

DeeDee has been sharing her motivational message all over the world and can’t wait to inspire your group! Don’t Miss out on an amazing opportunity to motivate your students, athletes, staff, and clients. Please fill out the information in the fields below to request DeeDee for your next event.

Bali • Hong Kong • Seoul • Athens •  Zurich • London • Barcelona • Beijing • Rio De Janeiro • Bilbao • Denver • Boston • Oxford • Los Angles • Shanghai • Phoenix • Stockholm • Houston • Paris • Atlanta • San Paulo • Bogota • Lima • Dusseldorf • Milan • Austin • Madrid • Mexico City • San Diego • New York City • Bangkok • Tokyo • Santiago 

Keynote Speaking Topics

I Can. I Must. I Will! is DeeDee’s most requested motivational message. In this high energy presentation, DeeDee teaches how to transform pressure into positive power, and how to utilize other powerful forces that we all have access to in our lives. Audiences laugh, cry and leave with DeeDee’s voice echoing in their heads, reminding them that they can, they must, they will get to their gold medal moment in life if they never give up and believe. (50-minute runtime)

Unleash Your Inner Champion truly ignites a fire within every person in the room as they share in DeeDee’s Olympic story. This message will open the audiences’ hearts and enable them to understand the true meaning of the word “champion”. DeeDee encourages audience members to achieve their gold medal moment in life. (50-minute runtime)

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work encourages teams to work as a unit and focus on a common goal. DeeDee uses her personal experience of running on her gold medal relay team at the Olympics in order to illustrate the value of each team member giving their very best to achieve optimum success. (45-minute runtime)

Believing Is the Key is a compelling message from DeeDee’s Olympic story that illustrates how when you believe, nothing is impossible. DeeDee shares her winning recipe for how one can truly achieve greatness if they simply believe. (35 to 40- minute runtime)

Events Include

• One motivational presentation                                            • Post-event autograph signing and photo session

• Autograph cards provided                                                     • Motivational Fitness event (ask about this added experience)


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