Trotter 4 The 800m???

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Recently I’ve read a few messages, and heard a few comments encouraging me in a future moving up to the 800m race. Believe me when I say I understand why this seems like a logical move, but the truth of the matter is to try and take on the 800m race one year out from the Olympics is not a very smart move.

To seriously considered moving up to the “2 Lap Beast”, would have required I started training and transitioning no later than fall of the 2012. The 800 meter race may be slower than the quarter mile but it taps into a completely different endurance system.
Regardless of my 400m talent, I cannot ignore the work that I know goes into being one of the top 800m runners in the world. I have been surrounded by some of Americas best 800m runners, from seven-time USA Champion and three-time Olympian Hazel Clark​ and her four-time Olympian sister Joetta Clark Diggs​. At the University of Tennesee alone, I was surrounded by the 800m NCAA indoor Record Holder Nicole Cook, college standout Phoebe Wright​, and our current shinning 800m star Chanelle Price​. I also have their great coach, J.J. Clark as a loving mentor so choosing a coach for this endeavor would clearly be a no brainer. The main problem is I have been a sprinter for over a decade, this would take some major rewiring of my entire system. This transition would not only require adding some 40+ miles a week more than my current training regimen demands, it would also require I learn a entirely new race pattern, and run 1:58 to 1:56 to even be in Olympic team contingency.

Now, I’m never one to say impossible; I’m simply saying I have a lot of respect for a job that I have never done in a field of very talented women that have trained their life to be great in that event. I expect the respect level coming from the 800m to the 400m would be the same. Either way let’s just say there has only been one Jearl Miles Clark​ and sometime they just break the mold ya know lol.

So while I would love to be able to follow in the foot steps of the great Jearl Miles Clark​, not only in her amazing ability to run both the 400m & the 800m over a course of 5 Olympic teams, my goal is to be a four-time Olympian and run the 2016 Olympics in honor of the people. No matter what the outcome, I’m also looking forward to begin my life after track & field.

I have no shame in planning my retirement and I feel extremely blessed to be an athlete that God has given time so graciously to in this sport. At some point in life we all must face accepting and acknowledging completion, embracing change, and starting new. I have my goals set on finishing what I started and I’m not going to jump ship when the road gets a little rocky. I’m going to stay the course and let God determine the outcome. I’ve had some great success in my career and win or lose I’m going to give it my all, never give up, and run with a PURPOSE.

I love you guys so much! You are my motivation for running so please checkout the video dedicated to you. #Running4ThePeople

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