Olympians Clark & Trotter Host Amazing Summer Running Camps!

Sunday, July 21st, 2019 | Comments Off on Olympians Clark & Trotter Host Amazing Summer Running Camps!

Summer 2019 was a summer like no other for the 350 athletes who participated in Olympian, Hazel Clark’s, “Clark Family Running Camps.” The legendary 800m specialist has hosted the dual city camp in Pennington, NJ and Tarrytown, NY for several years. However, this year, Clark decided to partner up with her best friend, DeeDee Trotter, to host an additional camp in Darlington GA. The turnout for the first-time camp surpassed all expectations, and the athletes were loaded with talent! The Darlington Camp jumped off the 3 city tour to a spectacular start; and every camp that followed would prove to be just as exceptional as the last. The dynamic duo of Clark and Trotter, along with an extremely elite coaching staff, created an unparalleled team of greatness. All three camps received fantastic reviews and the athletes rated the camps as, “the best they had ever attended,” especially in terms of summer fun, quality training, and champion motivation.

Trotter and Clark turned out to be the perfect balance of SPEED & ENDURANCE for these summer campers!

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