Trotter Donates 1250 New Books To Drew Charter School!

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 | Comments Off on Trotter Donates 1250 New Books To Drew Charter School!

It was a spectacular day for the students at Drew Charter School in Atlanta, GA! The level of excitement and energy that came from DeeDee and the student audience, set the auditorium a blaze! The students hung on every word and were fully engaged in her inspiring message from beginning to end. They paid attention so intensely that their teachers were shocked to say the very least. DeeDee’s message focused heavily on her “5 Pillars of Power,” PRESSURE, PROGRESS, POSITIVITY, CONFIDENCE, and BELIEF. She taught the students how to utilize theses powerful forces everyday, and how to use them to catapult to their dreams.

In addition to the motivational message, DeeDee donated 1250 band new books to both Drew Charter Upper and Lower! DeeDee invited her good friend, Dekalb County Commissioner, Larry Johnson, to help commemorate the book donation with a short message to the students. He very eloquently reminded them that, “readers are leaders”.

This large book donation was made possible thanks to a very popular web series entitled “Math@work”. DeeDee received 5000 new books as an honorarium for being the host of their latest math segment, “Math@work – Olympic Edition”. This is just one of several book donations that DeeDee and Commissioner Johnson are going to be making throughout the Metro Atlanta area. This donation inspired DeeDee and Commissioner Johnson to collaborate minds, and find a way to gift as many school as possible. Cedar Grove High School, Cross Keys High School, Obama Elementary and Dunwoody Christian Elementary, are just a short list of schools that can expect a book donation in 2020.

Be on the lookout for the next “Math@Work” series, featuring DeeDee Trotter and the amazing students of Drew Charter School!

DeeDee would like to give a very special thanks to: Alex Sherwin and the entire Math@work Team, Ronitia Hodges and the Drew Charter School organizational staff, Commissioner Larry Johnson and his amazing operational staff, and Danny Shoy, President of the Eastlake Foundation. Thank you all for helping to make this event possible.

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